Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter Training: Faster and Safer Indoors?

This article came from the New York Times Web site on March 4, 2010. People are beginning to question whether working out in the gym builds up your strength compared to working out in the outside world. The author explains how running on a tredmill and running outside are two completely different things. The author, Gina Kolata, says that the wind capacity outside strengthens you more even if you run more on a tredmil. I agree with the author because if I were to run outside compared to running indoors on a tredmill, I feel like i'm working more muscles out and i'm actually getting somewhere. Although, everyone's bodies are different in many ways, and whether they may run better on a tredmill than persistantly running outside, that does not change the effects of how it may work. Some people feel running on a tredmill is just the same as running outside while others feel they are two completely different things. In one perspective, for example, people think you are working out the same muscles whether using the bicycle at the gym or actually riding one which makes sense. In the other, like Kolata, feel that nothing compares to the strength that builds up when working out outdoors. The question still lives on whether there remains an immense difference between indoor working out or outdoor.

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