Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Survivor Describes Machete Attack in Newark"

In an article of the New York Times news paper called "Survivor Describes Machete Attack in Newark", written by Richard Perez-Pena, it explains how a young girl and three others in Newark had been severely attaked by seven males. The girl, Natasha Aerial, survived this attack while her 2 friends and brother died. She explains that, “somebody had their knee on my back, pulled my hair up, and was trying to chop my neck off with a machete.” She tried to escape but as she ran away one shooter shot her by her ear and she fell down. She sat in a pool of blood and passed out until the ambulance took her. This all occured behind Mount Vernon School. Aerial had to get surgery to reconstruct her jaw and reattach her ear. I feel this is the most insane thing anyone could do to four innocent children. Those seven men should be either sentenced in jail for life, or atuomatically given the death sentence. It is not fair that after hanging out at a school you could lose your faith, life, and freedom.

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