Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ex-Officer Guilty in Shove of Bicyclist

In this article called "Ex-Officer Guilty in Shove of Bicyclist" from the New York Times newspaper written by the author John Eligen, he explains how a police officer was charged for assaulting a bicyclist in a bike rally in Times Square. At first, the bicyclist Christopher Long was charged with attempted assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. But, the race had been video-taped and it shows how clearly the officer Patrick Pogan actually body-checked Long as he rode past. Pogan is now being charged with four years in prison.

If this had not been video-taped, and innocent man such as Christopher Long would have been charged for three things he did not do. Luckily his charges had been dropped all thanks to the video and now the real person at fault, ex-officer Pogan will get the time in jail he deserves for lying to the court. I feel Pogan deserves to go to jail. What reason did he have to body-check an innocent bicyclist? And this is supposed to be someone who protects people and enforces the law, not one who is supposed to break the law. He is wrong and deserves to be in jail.

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