Sunday, March 7, 2010

U.S Won't Prosecute in States That Allow Medical Marijuana

Recently, it has been determined that people who use marijuana for medical purposes will not be prosecuted against the law. Provided, they must act accordingly to state law. There are guidelines that the person must follow. Such as they can not have possession of firearms, they can not sell to minors, and can not have evidence of money laundering activity. Although marijuana is legalized for medical use, the government is still against cilvilians using it just to get high. They are still out to catch and fix those issues.

Honestly, if it helps ill people then why can't others have it too? If states fully legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use then they would be able to tax it. The tax on that alone, the legalized distribution of it, would give our country almost enough money to get out of debt. Technically, I have read that it is better then alcohol. You've never heard of an angry high person before. It would be monitered better and people should make their own decisions.

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  1. i actually used this source in my final paper. i agree that it would help the economy but i believe that it would bring us fully out of debt not only because of the tax, but also because of the money they would otherwise be wasting on prosecuting possesors of marijuana