Sunday, March 7, 2010

Investigating Tiny Voices at Air Tower

This article, written by Michael Wilson, was very interesting. At Kennedy International Airport, an air traffic controller brought his children to work last month. The United States has a whole day dedicated to taking children to work, but apparently airports will not allow it anymore. The air traffic controller, father, allowed his children to speak over the air to other planes. Their voices were recorded. Nothing was said wrong and the children were told they did a great job by their father. However, the airport thought differently. They are firm believers that children should not be giving orders to other planes. The poor, role model, father is now in big trouble.

There are two easily understandable sides to this story. For one, the father was just being a father. He got his children involved in what he loves and fulfilled their day. As a father, he did an amazing job. As an air traffic controller though, it is looked at completely differently. After all our nation has gone through with plane problems, it is understandable. Although children have loud voices, they do not have certification to control other planes. If the father didn't let other planes know this was taken place, then things could have gotten mistaken. I belive that he was a good father, but he should have seeked permission from his higher-ups first.

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