Sunday, March 7, 2010

Disney Pulls ABC From Cablevision After Deal Fails

Sarah Fuerst
English 122
B. Kern

The New York Times posted an article today about how many new yorkers woke up this morning to find that ABC was taken off there cable. This occurred because of a contract negotiation failed with the Walt Disney Company. Many people who have had ABC taken from them are concerned that they wont be able to watch and access the Academy Awards. Now cablevision is trying to get customers to switch to their company so they can access the awards. Many are hoping the negotiation gets worked out before 8pm tonight.

I don't think that ABC should have been pulled for a miscommunication in the companies. It is a money issue between the companies and now people who are paying for the cable are being punished. Especially now, the day when the Academy Awards are on. It is not fair for the people to suffer and be put out when it is an issue with the companies.

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  1. Not only is it unfair to take away the Academy Awards from them, but all of their other favorite ABC shows too. ABC is famous for broadcasting Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Channel Seven News, and much more. Making people pay an unneccesary amount to switch networks when they already had those shows is outrageous.