Sunday, March 7, 2010

$400 Hourly To Get Them Off the Sofa

Susan Dominus, wrote an article about college graduates trying to find a job. Ms. Mitler is hoping to offer a high-end service in a thriving market. For four-hundred dollars an hour, she wants to coach college graduates how to land their first job. It would almost work as a tutoring company. According to Ms. Mitler, parents pay thousands of dollars for their children to attend a college. Now of days, kids can not get jobs after they have graduated. Instead, you'll find that due to not being hired at an early stage, they are sitting on the sofa playing games. What is the point in that? While this tutoring program may be helpful, it may also just be another four hundred dollars gone to waste.

Colleges are meant to prepare you for the job you want. You spend a minimum of two to four years in colleges. Those years of schooling is supposed to be your training. Having an additional program can only cause more stress instead of help. Instead of spending another four hundred dollars, have your children shut down the game system. they need to get ut of the house. The more you apply, the more options you have.

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  1. I agree with you. They really need to stop being lazy and get out of the house and stop playing games all day long. And you're right, the more you apply the more options you have. Sitting around home all day will get you no where and in no way will help you in the future.