Tuesday, March 23, 2010

U.S. and Mexico Set New Anti-Drug Strategy

In today's edition of the NY times, there is an articl called "U.S. and Mexico Set New Anti-Drug Strategy" by Ginger Thompson. The articles focuses on the new strategy of the U.S. and Mexico to prevent drugs from being smuggled into the United States. Senior White house officials like Clinton, Gates , Nepalitano and Joints Cheifs of Staff made their way to Mexico City for the anouncement. The anounced the 331 million dollar plan to create programs to train officers, judges and prosecutors. The hope is to better educate people in Mexico rather than building a wall to keep them out.

Some Americans still support the buliding of the wall, while others feel this strategy will work. Why wasn't this tried sooner? Will this actually stop the flow of drugs from Mexico into the United States? I think that no matter what we do in Mexico, there will still be drugs coming in from Mexico. I think that this program will "stop the bleeding" but in reality we are still way behind the drug cartels in Mexico.

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