Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Student Loan Bill Poised to Pass in Health Vote

The article "Student Loan Bill Poised to Pass in Health Vote" by David M. Herszenhorn was published on March 21, 2010 in the NY times. The articles talks about how the Student Loan Bill will increase the Pell Grant studnets can recieve in financial aid. In 2010 the maximum a student can recieve in a Pell Grant is 5350 but in 2017 the maximum will be 5975. The Bill is supposed to cut out the private banks as intermediaries which will save taxpayers sixty one billion dollars over ten years. The Student Loan Bill was passed alongside the Helathcare bill. Demorcats called both bills a truly landmark occassion.

While some Americans disagree with healthcare, all Americans would probally agree with the Student Loan Bill. Why didn't Congress and the Government do this sooner? Was the recession the event that caused this to pass? I believe that this is a great thing for America and American education. I have to admit that the Government and the Demorcats did a good and just thing by passing this bill.

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  1. I would be interesed in knowing if they will also change the requirements to be eligible for this grant. This is not guaranteed money,and you must qualify.