Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Newark, Arrests Are Made in 1978 Killings

In this article, it explains how three men in Newark had captured five young boys at the ages of 16 and 17 and murdered them. This was written on March 23, 2010, in the New York Times by Michael Wilson and Colin Moynihan. This unexpected disappearance worried the mothers of the five boys, since they had been good boys and had never gotten into any sort of trouble. One of the three murderers had confessed just recently, almost 32 years after the felony had been convicted. Evans, one of the murderers, had confronted one of the boy's brother and confessed the killings. The five boys had been vanished for years mysteriously.
Apparently, the three men took the boys to an abandoned house, gunpoint to the heads, and set the house on fire for them to die. Evans had explained that the boys had stolen marijuana from them, and in result Evans and the two other murderers wanted the boys killed.
On Monday, Lee Anthony Evans and Philander Hampton had been arrested for muder and arson. The third killer, Maurice Woody-Olds, had passed away in March 2008.
Given that Evans and Hampton took five innocent boys' lives, their lives should be taken in return and be given the death sentence. An eye for an eye; If you take someone's life, your life should be taken in return. This is so cruel and unfair how five innocent boys of Newark got taken and burned to death.

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  1. I remember watching this on the news. I think its amazing how much time and go by and they still know who commited the crime. Confessions or not it always comes up. I take forensics for criminal justice which i love, and i just think its absolutly amazing how this stuff happens.