Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Union Looking to Tweak Rule on Head Hits

The article,"Union Looking to Tweak Rule on Head Hits", was published by the Associated Press on March 22, 2010. The article deals with the increasing number of hits to the head in the NHL. The latest incident pertaining this matter was the Boston Bruins' Marc Sarvard who was blindsided by an opposing player and was knocked out cold. The general managers passed a rule aout head hits earlier this year and the NHL Players Union wants to alter it slightly. The Union expressed that they need a short term solution for this season while not forgettign that they need a long term solution after this season.

Some feel that a rule should have been altered a long time ago, while others feel it was not mandatory. Why hasn't a rule banning these types of hits been created sooner? Why does it take someone getting hurt to create a drive for change? I believe that the NHL and the Players Union should have created this alot sooner. It is just common sense, you do not hit another player in the head when you check them. I play hockey and I know not to check someone above the shoulders then why don't NHL players do?

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