Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ideas Emerge to Make the Final Minute More Like the Other 39

In yesterday's edition of the NY Times, There is an article called "Ideas Emerge to Make the Final Minute More Like the Other 39" by Ray Glier. The article focuses in on wether there should be major changes affecting the last minute of a Men's college basketball game.Some of the speculated chages are a 24 second shot clock instead of 35 seconds and getting one free throw and the ball back instead of two free throws. All these changes are trying to prevent teams from using foul for profit tactics. These tactics are used by a losing team to try to foul the opposing team to try to get back into the game. The purpose of the rule changes is to give the last minutes of the game more fluidity. There is a relatively slim chance these changes will pass but there is still a chance.

While many coaches and players oppose these changes, viewers cannot help but see the benefits. Will is these changes really help the game of basketball or hurt it? If the NBA does not have these rules, why should colege have them? I believe that these rules would help the game be more smooth bu then I believe the rules are the rules. You cannot just change the rules that have been set for years and that have either helped or hurt teams in the past.

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