Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama Signs Landmark Healthcare Bill

In today's eition of the NY Times, there is an article, "Obama Signs Landmark Healthcare Bill", by Sheryl Gay Stolberg. This article focuses in on the signing of the biggest piece of Healthcare Legislation in American history. The bill will cover the approximately 30 million Americans who do not presently have healthcare. THe cost will be about 938 billion over ten years but accordly to the CBO (Congressioonal Budget Office) will save about 138 billion over ten years. There were several important guest such as Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Vicki Kennedy and Patrick Kennedy.

While the signing of the Healthcare bill is celebrated by Democrats, Repiublicans are already working on how to repeal it. Why are Demorcats and Republicans so divided on this issue? Will this actually save money over ten years? HOw are we going to pay for this when we have a 13 trilion dollar debt? I believe that the current bill is not up to par with what the American people want. I think people want a bill that is bi-partisan which is supported by Republicans and Democrats.

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