Thursday, February 4, 2010

gay ban

Katie WomboughFebruary 3, 2010
Defense chiefs: repeal gay ban
In the Asbury Park Press artice "Defense chiefs: Repeal gay ban", the author states that gay troops should be allowed to openly serve in the military. There is a "dont ask, don't tell" policy which they seam to stand by, and it should come to an end. The Pentagon is working on ways to make this issue go away, while Obama says he will help the best he can.
Gates thinks if the gays keep there sexuality private then there shouldnt be a problem, but Republicans are going against the idea for the repeal. Imagine a world where your kids couldn't go to school because of there dating preference, its not fair to anyone. Its not that persons fault how they are made, and it shouldnt be held against them, especially when they are willing to fight for our country.


  1. I agree with you katie it is messed up. Just because a man likes another man means he cant serve, fight , and pretect his own country. Does patriotism mean anything these days?

  2. I do have my own thougts on this and do think that it is not such a black and white issue. I agree, let everyone who wants to serve and fight fot this country do so, but, I also know that they don't let the men in the womans locker room... If we can figure out a way to put a man on the moon, I am sure that they can figure out a way to help let someone serve there country.

  3. This is outrageous. I mean how could they possibly deny help from our own american citizens over sexual orientation?? I mean, don't get me wrong, I think it's become a lot more socially accepted today, but this is just silly. Having a soldier volunteer to be a fighter for us is the kind of person we need to help us out. They have heart, they are noble, and of course brave. I can't see them denying that kind of spirit for long.