Thursday, February 4, 2010


Katie Wombough
january 28, 2010
In the New York Times article "Governor's Spending Plan Draws criticism in California", Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger states that he wants the general funds to be granted to higher education. he wants to have less money spent on jails and more spent on universities. According to Schwarzeneffer, the state should pay no more than 7% towards prison, and starting 2014 the school districts should get 10%.
Employees say lowering percents could be a threat to public safety, and correction officers, though others believe it should be split fairly and go to where it is needed the most. Increasing the percent to go to the universities is a better theory. It could possibly lower tuition fees, book fees, everything someone would have to pay for attending school. What i want to know is, why does the prison precent change right away, but the school precent won't change until 2014? This should be takin into effect right away, there are people who cant attend school because the tuition is to high. If it was lowered it would make it easier for lower-class people to have a good education

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