Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Chinese & Baseball

The Chinese & Baseball
The MLB is educating China on baseball here in America. Are they using this to make money for the MLB or to get more Chinese fans? Yankees team president Randy Levine went to a mall in china with the World Series trophy to celebrate the Yankees win and the Chinese New Year. Many Chinese are in the dark about baseball some people were randomly interviewed and asked what they know. Many new it was played with a ball and a bat and that are it so clearly they must not be very interested.
The MLB is trying to expand to China and broaden their fan base. If they can get the Chinese into baseball they can make millions of dollars with T.V and with sports merchandise. Some people in china seemed like they would like to know what is going on in a baseball game but many games are not aired on Chinese television. This is going to be a long process to get them on board with MLB but if it works it can be positive for China and for the MLB.

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