Wednesday, February 10, 2010

51 Cow Killed by a Troubled Farmer

Courtney Casey
English 122

Dan Pierson, a struggling farmer, was found dead on January 21, 2010. Since prices increased in the agricultural business, many farmers have dealt with the burden and difficulty of trying to succeed during these troubling times. Mr. Pierson, who was 59, couldn’t bear with his financial and personal complications and decided to take a caliber rifle and shoot all 51 of his cows. He then proceeded to take his own life and shot himself in the chest.
The life Pierson led was one he struggled with. From what others could gather, he wished he had been more like his father, a Swedish farmer who was very good at what he did. Mr. Pierson worked long harsh hours on the farm and did most of the work himself.
I understand that we are going through difficult times and many people are suffering, but I don’t see why our economic suffering has to affect animals. Those innocent cows had done nothing to deserve getting shot. I think Mr. Pierson made a poor choice in shooting those cows. To me it seems Dan Pierson was being greedy when he shot those cows. Since he was feeling troubled and at a loss, he made the choice to kill the cows along with himself. To me that seems a very selfish thing to do.

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  1. Although Mr. Pierson was struggling with his life, I find it very disturbing that he could kill fifty-one cows. As a farmer, your animals are there to take care of and atleast make them a product. He just wasted their lives. Also, if he wanted to be a good farmer like his father then why would he commit such a crime? Evidently, he couldn't take the stress anymore and instead of longing for help, went mad.