Thursday, February 11, 2010

High in Caffeinem Monks' Wine Packs Punch for Scots

On February 4th, Sarah Lyall wrote an article for the New York Times about alcohol and the issues it has been causing in Scotland. According to her information, the wine "Buckfast" is beginning to cause an uprise in the area. Buckfast is considered to be a reginonal favorite of most Scots. The drink contains fifteen percent alcohol, is a bit stronger then most wines, and contains the most caffeine. The people studying the wine, believe that the fights going on at bars are due to the high caffeine and alcohol percentage. Scotland's government believes that their health, social, and productivity issues are all due to the "Buckfast" wine while others believe it is not the wine's fault.

Bars and alcohol stores are filled up with many different bottles of liquid with different tastes. They all vary in the amount of alcohol per volume and caffeine amount. Although the wine may affect your energy level, I believe that selfcontrol still exists. It is not the wine companies fault for the issues that Scotland has been faced with. Instead of banning the popular drink, the governement should stress more selfcontrol. A drink is just a drink. It doesn't punch people at bars, only humans do that on their own. As a person, you can control how much you comsume so that your liver does not explode. As for the productivity issues, if each person is more responsible with their drinking problem then Scotland won't be smacked with costly misuse rates.

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