Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aerial Photos of Trade Center on 9/11 Released

Timothy McGullam

The Associated Press has released aerial photos of the 9/11 attack back in 2001. These images were taken by ex-NYPD Aviation Unit Detective Greg Semendinger. He and his pilot were the first team up in the air after the attacks; sent to look for survivors on the rooftop. They actually saw the second plane hit into the south tower from their helicopter. Semendinger took 3 rolls of film with his Minolta camera and 245 digital images. He released these photos to the 9/11 Commission. Nine of these images turned up in a book called "Above Hallowed Ground: A Photographic Record of Sept. 11." Semendinger claims that he did not give his permission for these photos to be entered into the book. Semendinger ends the article with, "Looking at it now it's amazing I took those pictures. The images are...stunning." I would have to agree.
While it is said the NYPD aviation unit only had permission to be flying in downtown Manhattan people believe some of the pictures were taken from the Hudson River.
My main question is, why did it take so long for these pictures to be released? It has been almost nine years and we are just seeing these surreal images for the first time? If you read the article, it says ABC got hold of these images. How did ABC even know that these images existed? Also, how is it that the book "Above Hallowed..." did not get in trouble for giving credit to the man who took these photos?

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