Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5 Men Sentenced in Australian Terrorist Plot

In the February 15th edition of the New York Times an article named “5 Men Sentenced in Australian Terrorist Plot” written by Mark McDonald, gives information about terrorists and their sentencing. Back in 2005, five men ages 25 to 44 were arrested on the conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism. They had dangerous chemicals, firearms, and ammunition which they planned on using against the Australian government. Additionally, police found bomb making guides and writings that endorsed mass murder. All five men were facing a maximum jail sentence of life prison but instead they received 23 to 38 years. The trial lasted for nearly a year before the jury made their decision.

In my opinion, they should have been given the maximum sentence of life in prison. These men planned on taking many innocent lives away. When they get released from jail they may just continue their quest to kill the innocent. These men are terrorists and should not have another chance to restart their life outside of prison. Another thing that seems strange to me is the fact that it took five years from when they were arrested to be sentenced. If the trial took one year what was going on for the four years after they had been arrested? I don’t know what the delay was but at least for now and a long time in the future these terrorists are putting nobody in danger.

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  1. If you think about it, a terrorist has to take a lot of time and thought to think out their plan. If in that time, they didn't once double think what they were doing, that is a problem. In the years it takes to come up with a way to destroy lives, your own life, and the world, you should have come up with a billion more ways on why you should not continue that quest. They deserve life in prision.