Friday, February 12, 2010

Polanski film debuts, Swiss vow no extradition yet

This article states that director Roman Polanski is not going to be extradited back to the United States from Switzerland concerning a rape case in the late 1960's until a legal matter concerning the case is settled in Los Angeles. He still remains under house arrest.

"When the question is still open, why should he be extradited?" Rudolf Wyss, the ministry's deputy director, told The Associated Press. "As long as the question is still open, our decision depends on that."

This is a very sensitive issue. Those on Mr. Polanski's side state that he has gone through enough while hiding in France all these years and for the time that he did serve in jail. They further state that even the victim feels that this matter should be dropped, so why pursue it any further?

On the opposing side there are many people, like comedian/talk show host Dennis Miller, that state if people would look into the case and see in detail what Polanski did, they would demand that he goes back and serve time in jail.

Actually, I can see both sides to this argument and quite frankly do not know what side to take on this. If the victim can forgive him and want to put all this behind her, then why not? Also, you can easily see the argument that this crime is so awful, time does not forgive Mr. Polanski's not serving a sentence. Tough call.

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