Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Crooked Cops"

Three police officers were accused of brutally assulting a man, Michael Mineo, on October 18th ,2008 in Brooklyn. Mineo was allegedly being arrested for smoking marijuwana. During the arrest, officer Kern struck Mineo withy his baton. A fourth officer has recently admitted to seeing officer Kern jab the baton between Mineo's buttocks. Medical examinations suggest the injuries Mineo had may have been caused by teh baton. The baton was taken from officer Kern for DNA evaluation. The trial is yet to be had.
The idea of police officers not fulfilling their duties as police offiers is a scary thought. I feel police are given too much power and authority and at times it may get to their heads. Injuring any suspect for any reason other than the suspect hurting you, I believe, is injust. No matter the case, no amount of harm should have been exerted on Mr. Mineo.

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