Thursday, January 28, 2010

Horrors of being a Vikings Fan

Kevin Seifert, an accomplished journalist who writes about the Minnesota Vikings in local Minnesota newspapers, wrote a blog on about arguable referee calls in NFC champion game. The blog entry is titled, “Dirty Laundry: Pereira Analyzes Calls” and was written today at 10:14 AM. In the article Mike Pereira, the Vice President of Officiating, admits a penalty should have been called against the Saints on a key play in the third quarter that left Brett Favre hobbled for the rest of the game. More officiating errors were expressed in the article that could have gone the Vikings way. Many Vikings fans blame the officials for causing them to lose the most important game in recent franchise history, but others believe the Vikings had many chances to win the game outright and overcome these blatant miscues.

The Vikings outplayed the super bowl bound New Orleans Saints and deserved to win the game. Although some sloppy calls by the referees didn’t make it easier on the Vikings they should have won the game anyways. The Vikings had five turnovers, three fumbles and two interceptions. This way more than any team trying to get to the super bowl should make. These errors are much more unforgivable than a couple of miscalls by the refs. The Vikings did everything they needed to do to win the game but blew it because they can’t hold on to the ball. I don’t blame this game on the referees, I blame it on the five turnovers and shoddy coaching that led the Vikings down the wrong path. The Vikings fan inside of me has to ponder these mistakes all offseason and wonder what could have been if they had better ball control, but any Vikings fan knows how they will find any way to lose a big game therefore, this loss cannot be blamed on the referees.

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  1. I am a New England Patriots fan and I was angry with the calls against the Vikings. Some plays were so obvious, I thought the referees had vision problems. At the same point the Vikings also had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter but did not. So imagine if they got the calss right, I think the Vikings would have won without a doubt.