Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nets Can Set An Unwanted Record

In the New York Daily News article, "For New Jersey Nets, Avoiding Mark For Fewest Wins Would Feel Like Major Victory", Flip Bondy talks about the Nets woes this season. Amid this article he states that the Nets are on pace to break the NBA record for fewest wins, set by the Clippers in '73 with a 9-73 season. Bondy States that the future is bright with a billionaire owner almost approved and a top draft pick in July.

I myself am a huge Nets fan. I am aware of the troubles the Nets are facing and am trying to keep my head up. The Nets have multiple draft picks and tons of cap space for the next two years. This in itself gives me and other Nets fans hope. the biggest glimmer of hope, Mikhail Prokhorov, the soon to be owner is a billionaire. He has said that he will do whatever it takes to win, and that is spend money. Even if the Nets break the record, there is such a bright future that they won't be bad for long.

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  1. Even though this can be the worst season in history, I agree with you that good things are just around the corner for the Nets. Hopefully the lottery for the draft goes the Nets way and one or two of the big free agents decide to come to New Jersey. If the ownership is willing to spend money, there is a good chance the Nets can be a force a in couple of years.