Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rich LaFaman

Rich LaFaman
Faulty Pedals
In “Carmakers Pounce on Toyota Owners” by Nick Bunkley In January 28th’s edition of the NY Times, the author explains Toyota’s growing problem. The article explains Toyota’s recall of millions of cars due to a faulty gas pedal that gets stuck to the floor due to condensation from turn the heater on in your car. The economic impact of this problem is enormous because Toyota has earned a reputation of providing safe and reliable vehicles. The author explains how General Motors is trying to seize the opportunity by offering Toyota owners a risk free solution to their problems by giving them big incentives.
While experts say the faulty gas pedal is a rare and isolated situation, many Toyota owners are still worried. If I owned a Toyota I would very concerned about the recall because even if I did not own a model that was recalled because the thought of that happening is very frightening. Is there any other recalls dealing with car models in America? How does condensation, something so usual and common, affect a major part of a vehicle?

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  1. I completely agree about questioning Toyota at this time. I would not feel so safe purchasing one of their cars if my life were at stake. We really have to take these questions and answer them with full descretion. You made some pretty strong poitns and answer your questions well.