Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Phillies Fan Tasered For Running on Field

During the Philadelphia Phillies game on Monday, 17 year old Steve Consalvi was tasered after deciding to run on the field. Consalvi ran onto the field after calling his father to ask him if he could do so. His father answered saying, "I don't think you should son." Consalvi did not listen to his father and ran out onto the field anyway, and was later tasered. This however has brought upon mixed opinions on the issue of the teen being tasered. The teen was tasered by a police officer who was working the game, while security guards were also chasing the teen. He meant no harm and was doing this out of pure stupidity.
In my opinion, I feel that the teen should not have been tasered. There were enough people chasing after him, so he would have been caught eventually. Not only that, but tasers can cause significant long term harm to some individuals. That seems like too big of a risk considering what this teen was doing. It was a bad idea on the teens part but having to taser him should be the last option.

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  1. This fan should have just listened to his dad and stayed off the field. If he wasn't acting like an idiot he would have never been tasered. I don't think it was necessarily a good idea to use a taser on this guy, but you can't blame the police officer. The officer needs to protect the players on the field and he did what he thought was right. If a fan jumps on the field there is nowhere to run, you eventually will be caught and have to spend the night in jail for complete stupidity.