Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Atlantic Yards Holdout Will Not Budge

New Jersey Nets owner, Bruce Ratner thought he had everything moved out of way and ready to go in order to develop the Nets new arena in Brooklyn called "The Atlantic yards." That was until tuesday when property owner, Steven Williams, spoke up about him owning a Sixth Ave. lot. Williams said that the state forgot to condemn it. Williams is also suing the state because he feels that they are "stealing" his property and claiming the property as if they own it. In William's eyes they are taking something from him that is extremely valuable. Without the rights to the property, Ratner cannot build anything bigger than four stories. Williams says he is able to negotiate if Ratner wants to pay him cash for the rights.
As a huge Nets fan, I don't like this situation at all. The die hard fan of me says that this guy should just leave because he is annoying me. But in reality I see where this guy is coming from. He has lived their for years and now a money spender is kicking him out to make his dream come true. I hope they are able to come to an agreement so both of them can be happy, and in my opinion I believe that they will.

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