Thursday, May 6, 2010

Law Banning Blasphemy Is Upheld in Indonesia

Indonesia's Constitutional court deemed a law banning blasphemy doesn't go against their constitution. the 45 year old law not only makes blasphemy illegal, but also caps the amount of officially recognized religions to six: islam, protestantism, catholicism, buddhism, hinduism and confucianism. the law. Many say that it is a huge step back in democracy. supporters of the law say it is necessary to maintain religious peace.

in terms of traditionaly freedom, this law is quite morally wrong. how can a government tell you what you can or can not worship? im not a religious guy, but i don't believe there will ever be peace between the religions. it doesn't recognize judaism, which along with islam and christianity (protestant+catholicism) make up the three religions of revelation. i believe this is just an example of how corrupt politicians can use religion to brainwash the masses

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