Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giant Container to Collect Leaking Gulf Oil

An article in the May 5th edition of the New York Times explains how oil companies are going to recollect the oil that is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, may soon be delivered by a 98-ton steel box that is four stories tall. This structure is called a containment dome, and was just built over the past week by a crew of more than two dozen welders. They will place the dome where the oil is spewing out of the ground and it will collect the oil. Then from the dome, the oil will go to a drill ship. Then we can use the oil for whatever it is we need. This is a extremely complicated process even though it sounds simple.

It is a good thing all this oil will not go to waste. With gas prices already starting to shoot up, maybe this dome can help stop the price increase. Additionally, getting the oil out of the Gulf of Mexico is good for the environment and the animals who live there. All the engineers who developed this structure on short notice deserve recognition. Hopefully the dome works well, and we start to see a reduction is gas and oil prices soon.

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