Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woman kept dogs in horrible living conditions

On April 15 2010, Kim Predham wrote an article in the Asbury Park Press about a women that is facing serious fines and possible jail time for keeping her dogs in horrendous living conditions. Deborah Melick, from Manalapan, pleaded guilty to 11 counts of failure to provide proper shelter for a dog, she has $2750 in fines, $363 in court fees, and could possibly serve up to 6 months in prison; also she will receive $1000 fine for every count she has counted against her. The dogs were removed from her house in March by Victor "Buddy" Amato. He told her that she would be inspected randomly because she had over 6 dogs living with her, and when inspection came things were not up to par. The dogs were ordered to be kept outside until the road home, which was filled with animal feces and urine, was cleaned up. An anonymous tipster reported Melick to officials and when Sgt. Matty Guiliano showed up to the house the allegations were confirmed. Animal feces were piled 3 feet high in the garage, and urine and feces were pooled in moats around the dogs' cages, and outside the kennels also were covered in feces and urine. Melick will return to Manalapan municipal court May 10 on two pending charges, that she failed to keep her property clean and sanitary and that she operated a boarding kennel without a municipal license.
I find this article sickening. The fact that a person could treat so many animals so poorly and not do anything about it. Since she was warned that she would be inspected randomly, she should've cleaned the house up and keep the dog's area clean and presentable. Animals are like people too, they need to be cared for in a safe and sanitary environment. I'm glad that there are still humane people in the world, like Amato, who still care about the protection of animals and continue to try and give each animal the happy life it deserves.


  1. I am extremely upset about this article. That is such a horrible thing to do to an animal. Not only is it worng to do to animals or any other creatures but how could someone do that to themselves? That woman deserves everything that she will get.

  2. This is disgusting. I'm glad she was caught, because now her dogs can live a better life somewhere where they are actually cared for. And I'm glad she didn't clean up for inspections because if she did they would still be living a horrible life.