Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vegitarian Meal Planning for Children

Vegetarian Meal Planning for Children
How to Make Simple Meat-Free Meals to Help Veggie Kids Thrive

Apr 5, 2009 Kara S. Anderson

In an article written for suite 101.com, Kara S. Anderson writes about an all vegetarian diet and starting kids out early will be the key to a healthier life. As more and more family’s make their switch to a healthier diet and many schools follow suite, this is becoming a more well known acceptable lifestyle change. Some key points were early intervention, where you made the switch to healthier meals and snacks at an early age and better planning, to have the right type of food on hand and plenty of creative tasty recopies will help. Even though times seemed to have changed a great deal, children usually do eat only what’s available. Instead of cake, ice-cream and candy, have on hand plenty of good fruits and vegetables. You never know, trying something new that is also good for them may turn out to be a big hit and a good find…..

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