Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Should Pay Up? The Battle for hte Gosselin Money

After the downfall in marraige between Jon & Kate, they both started doing their own things. Currently, Kate Gosselin, the divorced mom of eight is starring on 'Dancing with the Stars', landed a new reality show, AND releasing a new book. She has three well-paying jobs on her plate, three more than ex-husband Jon Gosselin. So Why is Jon the one who has to pay Kat $20,000 a month?

I don't think Jon should have to pay Kate, while shes making all of this money. But, as long as the kids are residing with Kate, Jon has to pay her the money every month. I also don't see how Kate can have full custody of the eight children while earning all her fame. How does she have time to raise the eight children while practicing hours a day for 'Dancing With the Stars', promoting her book, and filming a reality television show? The kids are probably raised by a nanny, when they could be with their father.


  1. I do agree that Kate is busy and I think that the children will probably end up being taken care of by a nanny.The main reason that Kate gained full custody of the children is because of John's infidelity. Even though Kate is making a lot of money that shouldn't excuse John from having to pay child support. He and Kate both earned money for the reality show that they did. Even if he is no longer with Kate, he shouldn't be excused from having to take care of his children and their financial needs. I am pretty sure that Kate will have to spend some of her money on the kids, and John should have to too.

  2. I was actually watching somethin about this on T.V. and dancing with the stars was saying how much they hate kate. I agree with the other comment, just because she is working doesnt mean she cant take care of her children, even if its 8. People make it work, and it doesnt matter about how much extra someone is making, the money is hers regardless of how she makes it, and John should put in his fair share

  3. I feel they should both help each support one another considering they have children together to raise, separated or not. But i do agree that he should not give her 20,000$, definitely less if she is making a fine living on her own.