Monday, April 12, 2010

Klamath Falls may try 4-day school week to save money

In this article, the city of Klameth Falls, Oregon is considering making it a four day school week in order to save money. Officials have talked about the rough times in recent years: layoffs, increased class size and employee unions having to make concessions. They said it was unprecedented.

I view this as something that was inevitable. It is happening all across the country. I believe it is because America no longer makes anything, that we are a service based economy. If we don't make anything, we don't sell either. Thus, revenues have gone down and we have free trade agreements and our leaders to thank for it.


  1. I actually think that cutting the school week down two four days a week is not a bad idea. I know that some people might think that cutting the school week down will deprive the children of a proper education. I think that the four day school week will make it so that teachers have to manage classroom time more affectivly and will also make students pay more attention in class. If there is less time in school students will have to focus more in order to get all the work done. Also, I think that some kids might not resent school so much if they don't have to be there all the time. I think that more schools should adapt the four day school week idea because it will save money and I don't think that it will have a negative impact on the student's. However, I do think that tutors or teachers should be available to students that have trouble understanding course materials on the day that school is not in session.

  2. I agree. Just because of shorter days doesn't mean any less of an education. It would save money and give students more time to get the work done that is assigned and to maybe hold up a better job because they will have more time off.