Thursday, April 15, 2010

U.S. Leads New Bid to Phase Out Whale Hunting

in the article of the New York Times, by John m. Broder, The author states that the United States is trying to make an agreement that would limit and possibly end whale hunting by Japan, Norway and Iceland. They will allow the 3 countries to continue whale hunting within the next ten years but they are to reduce their numbers dramatically. The Japanese killed over 1,001 whales last year, which brings them a great deal of money, not only are they taking it from their waters, but from the open waters of Antartica.
I say leave them alone, they are not harming anyone. Whales are so far out you probably dont even realize they exist!. I dont see why people have to kill things to make their money, it really gets me mad. Its the point that they are just swimming along minding their own business, and two minutes later they are being cut up and sold to people. I agree with this i think we should end whale hunting all over the world, not just Japan, Norway, and Iceland. End it everywhere, we can make our money some other way

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  1. I agree that whale hunting should be stopped completely. There are plenty of other ways people can make a living.