Thursday, April 15, 2010

Russia Suspends All Adoptions to U.S. Families

In the article of the New York Times, " Russia Suspends All Adoptions to U.S. Families, the author explains that Russia is Suspending all adoptions due to the problem that occurred last Thursday. An American woman from Tennessee adopted a young boy from Russia, and sent him back at 7 years old, with a note in his pocket stating that he had Psychological problems. ''Russia believes that only such an agreement which will contain effective tools for Russian and U.S. officials to monitor the living conditions of adopted Russian children will ensure that recent tragedies in the United States will not be repeated." No charged have yet been posted for this woman and the Russians are outraged. They are worried for the childrens safety and dont want this to repeat.
I think this is outrageous. When you adopt a child you are supposed to become their whole world, i wouldnt care if my kid was perfect in the begining then turned out having a horrible disease, that is my child and i will love them regardless. What kind of cold heated person would take someone out of a shelter and give him a loving home, then throw him to the sharks because he wasnt what you call "normal". This seriously makes me sick!!. That little boy probably has no idea what was going on, other then he was on an airplane by himself but nothing but a note in his pocket saying why he was coming.

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