Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Health Care

Kimberly Hatcher

Eng 122

B. Kern


"Doctors Hear Many Questions About Health Law"

The above article is written by John Leland and explains how even doctors are confused by the topic of health care reform. Many doctors are spending more of their practice time answering questions about health care reform and they are not even sure if they are giving the correct information to their patients.

It seems to me that alot of people have an opinion on health care reform but have not done enough research to have a valid opinion. I include myself in this category of lack of education on the topic. Obama's health law is a giant change in the way our country responds to health care needs. I felt it was necessary to take this oppurtunity to educate myself on the issue.

My questions to you as my reader are:

1. Do you have an educated opinion on the proposed health care laws? What is it?

2. How much time have you spent reading or listening to information regarding health care reform?

3. Have you read information on both sides of the issue?

4. How does the law affect you personally?

1 comment:

  1. hot topic!!! I do believe that every person is entitled to health care, I also believe that each individual should contribute something to it. To many people now a days just want a free ride, that annoys me! Some people who recieve "free" care take advantage!!! BIG TIME. This I see first hand and I find it very frustrating. If I am paying for my insurance and struggling as many in this economy..why shouldn't I get it free?