Monday, April 26, 2010

Carol A.
Eng 122


“The success rates of transplant surgery has improved remarkably, but growing shortages exist in the supply of organs and tissues available for transplantation”(Organ Donation Facts).
On an average day in the United States nearly 80,000 people wait for a second chance to live, sadly an average of sixteen people die each day and will never get that chance. Why do so many have to die? The simple fact is that while a patient waits for an organ or tissue donation it comes at the cost of another’s death. With emotions running high it is a difficult decision for a family member to make on the behalf of the decedent. Many people do not make their wishes known to family and vital organs are lost. Even if a person has signed an organ donor card, a family member still needs to give consent. Although a topic most choose to avoid, it is one that needs to be shared in order to save a life, one day it could be yours.

Could you give the ultimate gift?
Does your family know your wishes?
Are you an organ donor?
What are your beliefs about donation?

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  1. I am interested in your topic. Just that short paragraph seems like a great introduction to your research paper because it grabbed my interest. I have avoided the decision because as you said, no one wants to think about it, but it is an important decision. I am currently not an organ donor. I do not have any religious objections to becoming one. I think I would like to become a donor. I am sure I will learn how after reading your rough draft.