Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"When is Spanking Child Abuse?"

On October 21, 2008, Lisa Belkin, wrote an article about when it is okay to allow child abuse. The article involved a man hitting his twelve-year-old son with a wooden paddle. The father didn't like that his son was lying to him and decided to take action. The son was sent to the hospital with bruises, but none of them showed that he was in terrible pain. They took the family to court and the son claimed that he was wrong for lying. He announced that a child who is wrong needs to face their consequences. He also claimed that he loves his father and they were both crying while he was being beaten.

Lisa Belkin is baffled over when deciding to hit a child is right though. While some people believe that hitting children fixes the issue, others believe that it is morally wrong. It has been a compelling controversy for years. Schools have banned smacking with rulers, but homes have not banned hitting completely.

Sometimes things fire up in the heat of the moment. Although the parent should always be the level headed one, things happen, and every one does make mistakes. I think it is wrong to hit a child though. There are better ways to teach and show that they are wrong then physically causing harm. That only scares the child away and makes them hide more.

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  1. I agree that parents should be fair when punishing their children; however, I do not think that it is morally wrong to hit children. If a child does something wrong he/she should be yelled at and punished. If that child continues to do the same thing after being told not to then it would be alright to hit them. However, the parent needs to realize that they are children and not use excessive force. I don't think that it is right to "beat up" your children, as a parent you must realize how much stronger you are than the child. Before my mom and dad got divorced, I knew that if I did something wrong I was going to get hit. Knowing the consequences of my actions, I would think before doing things that could get me in trouble. Some kids are really hard to handle and many ignore you if you yell at them. I am not a mother so I am not sure if my opinion will change, but people shouldn't be looked down upon if they hit their children, it doesn't mean their bad parents. Older generations used to get hit everytime they did something wrong. If you hit a child it is now considered child abuse. I did not get hit everytime I did something wrong, only when I did something really bad. As a parent you have to be fair, you can't hit your child over everything. Not only is it wrong, but the child will become less afraid of being hit and then he/she wont listen to anything. I know a lot of people don't agree with me, but this is my opinion and I honestly don't think that it is wrong to hit your children if they deserve it.