Thursday, March 4, 2010

Common or not so Common?

The common cold is something that effects everyone. It doesn't target just certian people. Scientist have come a long way and have been able to catagorize common weaknesses of 99 strains of the cold virus. The scientist looked at the 7000 chemical units of the cold and were able to put the strains into a family tree and compare what the differences and similarities were. They hope with this new information they will be able to find effect treatments for the cold which will not only help cold sufferers but also many people diagnosed with asthma.
I think that if they found a cure for the common cold that it would benifit many people, but also leave many people without jobs. This can cause contraversial and economic problems.


  1. A cold is an annoying sickness, but can be overcomed. I think coming up with an effective cure will be beneficial. People won't have to suffer with symptoms on a day to day or seasonal basis. Also, people with asthma will have an easier time breathing.

  2. I think a cure would be very beneficial. The cold is just an annoying sickness that seems to get everyone at some point. The worst part is that it seems to be never ending. You can't breath out of your nose so you constantly blow it with a tissue,and yet it still is stuffed. Helping out asthma patients would definitely benefit many people's lives. Im all for the cure.

  3. I feel the common cold isn't that serious and I do agree that it would leave many people jobless. With the economy right now i'm sure this would hurt even more and some people probably are not going to look at this subject seriously. Although, I would definitely love to have a cure for the common cold, it is very annoying to get the cold during the winter and have to miss school and work.