Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiger Woods Says He Will Return for Masters

In the New York Times, on March 16, 2010, Larry Dorman wrote an articles about Tiger's return to the Masters Tournament on April. He sees the Masters tournament as a sentimental tournament so he wants to get back in time for that one. He has missed a few other tournaments such as the Tavistock Cup and the Arnold Palmer Invitational because he felt it was too early to come back. Out of respect he called both Joe Lewis and Arnold Palmer to thank them for the invitation but that he wouldn't be coming this out. He has been through 2 months of in-patient therapy and continues to go, and even though he is starting his professional life again, there is more work that need to be done in his personal life. The benefit to the Maters Tournament is that the course is secluded and 365 acres big; this gives lots of room for the media not to be. Only contestants, caddies and rules officials are aloud inside the ropes, giving him the privacy and quiet he will need. Interviews are only aloud in certain areas of the course but Tiger would rather answer questions in the media center where he can sit and answer everyone's questions. He is very excited to be starting up again with a quality tournament.
I think it's a good idea that Tiger starts up his career again. Everyone eventually needs to move on with their lives and start over. The past might not ever be forgotten but no one can live through it. Starting over and getting back to a normal life is the bets thing that someone could do. Everyone learns from mistakes and could become a better person from it. The sad thing about Tiger's life now is that everyone will no longer see him for the golf player he was, but for the cheating sex addict that was revealed.

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