Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School Uniform Debate

Kimberly Hatcher

Eng 122

B. Kern

16 March 2010

Preliminary thesis: The use of school uniforms produces a better learning environment for students.

Appeal: Logic


This article is about the debate over school uniforms in public schools. The author summarizes parent’s complaints that school uniforms “trample student’s right of expression and parent’s right to raise children without government interference.” (qtd. in Motsinger, para. 2)
Some parents feel that school uniforms take away their children’s right to express themselves. There are ways for children to express who they are without doing it through their wardrobe. Some of those alternate ways are through the arts, their personality, morals, friendships, etc. In my opinion, clothing is not at the top of the list for methods of expression. School uniforms are believed to enhance educational possibilities. Opportunities for a better education are more important than limiting one single outlet of expression. It is not as if every single method of self-expression is being taken away.


  1. good point, there are many other ways and mediums for expression and indevidualism. Open your mind and your heart to what is arround you and some people may be amazed what they will find. Unfortunately this looks to be another way that people seem to feel victomized in life and use it as an excuse not to do or become better. Lets take our attention off of the clothes and don't worry about what we have to wear and this may be an opportunity to focus on other more important things. I say bring on the uniforms and let everyone be on the same level as far as what they wear and how they appear. now they are all just students there to learn...

  2. It is amazing what people will complain about! Parents should ebrace uniforms in schools. The amount of money they would save each year on the latest trends should be incentive enough.School uniforms also reduce kids frm being "picked on" or ridiculed for not weaing the "right" clothes! Maybe I am biased, as I wore a school uniform for 12 years!!

  3. I totally agree with Carol. My first thoughts were that uniforms are a fantastic idea due to kids getting made fun of for the clothes they wear. Some kids cannot afford high priced clothing and get picked on for wearing "hand-me-downs." School uniforms should be implemented immediately! Kids can express themselves by expressing their opinion and engaging in class discussions.

  4. I have always been in favor of school uniforms and I wish that I went to school were uniforms are required. Uniforms help to make students feel equal to one another. Some parents can't afford expensive clothes and kids with cheap clothes sometimes get teased. Children wouldn't care so much about how they are dressed or what designer/name brands their wearing because everyone would be dressed the same. Of course some parents are going to complain and some kids will not like it, but uniforms are a very good idea that should be adapted by other public school as well. I think that the uniforms will help children focus on school work because they won't be so worried about how they look and the uniforms could also increase school spirit.