Friday, March 12, 2010

Murder in Holmdel NJ

On March 3, 2010 there was a serious murder in Holmdel. In the Asbury Park Press, on March 5th 2010, Matthew McGrath gave some details on the case. Carina Schlesinger, a 36 year old woman who was a former model and a dog obedience school owner, murdered her boyfriend Daniel Cresci, age 29. He was a lawyer, a pilot, and an aspiring restaurateur. She shot him, set her rented home, that was located on Red Hill Road, on fire, and then shot herself. It was said she had gone through alot in her life dealing with her house being closed in Long Island by JC Morgan Chase bank that she owned with her former husband in January; where Cresci represented her in court. Also in March of 2004, she was a victim of attempted rape, leaving her emotionally unstable. The couple had been dating for 18 months and had a content relationship. The relationship became rocky after the court case in which she lost her house. The day that Cresci was actually shot is still unknown because the family hadn't heard from him since Sunday, which was very odd for his family not to hear from him. It was a tragic lose for both families.
I couldn't imagine what the families are going through right now. For the Cresci family, I can't imagine losing someone that they love to a situation like this. It is a scenario that only seems to be in horror movies. And knowing that he didn't go in a peaceful way can only leave a heavy burden on their lives. And for the Schlesinger family, I would feel so bad that they couldn't see the problems that she was having or not being able to help her. It is very sad to see that she felt her life was so bad that she not only took her own life but the life of someone else too, possibly someone she cared for alot. Maybe she could've gotten help but that wasn't the option she chose. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families.


  1. It was very shocking to read this post. I can't believe something that awful happened so close to where I live. It is hard to tell how people really feel on the inside, many people have good ways of hiding their true feelings. I feel like this whole incident could have possibly been avoided if the Carina had chosen to seek professional help. Everybody has to deal with life's misfortunes in some way; however, it is sad when something tragic like this happens. For the Schlesinger family, I hope that they do not blame themselves for not noticing the problems that Corina was having. As I seaid before, it is hard to detect what a person is really feeling. The family is going through enough right now, they don't need to be blaming themselves for what happened. I hope both family deal with this incident in a healthy manner, I would hate to see something else like this in the news.

  2. This is so shocking. I cannot believe this would happen somewhere close to my house. I feel horrible for both families too. If only someone could have gotten her help. This is such a sad matter and I cannot believe she felt so sad in her life to actually do that.