Thursday, March 11, 2010


In the article of the New York Times "manhatten id thiefsentenced in NYPD scam" by laura Italiano, the author states 2 men named jasper "lyte" Grayson and James "sal" Malloy of the bronx to do a minimum of 5 years and max of 10 in prison for a massive check fraud scheme. the scheme had nearly 1,000 accomplises and had about 500 victims that include madison square garden, the NYPD and a cathedrial. Prosecutors say they made about 2 million before being caught last year in their car. i think its crazy that it took so long for the police to catch them. what if this was happening to you? it seams they werent trying hard enough. I was watching a movie a few weeks ago about identity theft and the girl ended up not only staling her money but her identity as well.

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