Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The media and celebrities

The media is the reason that everybody knows celebrities personal lives. Every break up, every engagement, and every wedding seems to be the cover of all magazines. At what point is the media crossing the line social lives and personal lives? When there is a big event going on, such as the Grammies and Oscars, it is normal to have the media there to cover all the latest fashions and the cover who win the awards. But the questions that seemed to be asked lately are
"Are you really dating...?" or "Is it true that...?" They want all the gossip on their live. Reality televising shows are made to follow some celebrities around and to capture every moment of the person's lives. I don't see why they would do this, there is no such thing as alone time and when that person starts to have a break down they don't get the time they need alone, the camera wants to capture every second of it. Many families have been broken apart because of the television shows and the zero privacy, such as Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey and Jon and Kate Gosline. Its sad to see their families torn apart because of this, but what do they expect when they always have someone in their face? At what point does the camera stop rolling and the cameras stop flashing to give these people the privacy they want?
Why are people so fascinated with these people lives? Just because they're on television and in movies they are better than any other person, I don't think so. They are just like everyone else and should be treated like everyone else.

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