Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caesarean Births Are at an All Time High in U.S.

In this article by Denise Grady posted in the New York Times on March 23, 2010, it explains that Caesarean births, also known as C-Sections, are increasing at a fast rate. They reached 32 percent in 2007. It has risen steadily since 1996, and now is at its all time high. Usually, C-Sections are better for pregnant mothers and newborn babies. It has been said in the past that they are safer than normal births. Critics are saying that too many women are given this procedure and should not be having surgery to give birth. George A. Macones, a chairman of obstetrics and gynecology explained, “What we’re worried about is, the Caesarean section rate is going up, but we’re not improving the health of babies being delivered or of moms.” More risks occur the more Caesarean's a mother has.
I feel doctors should do something about Caesarean births. Apparently it is not such a good idea that the right has skyrocketed since 1996, and nothing is changing. The risks have stayed the same for both mothers and new borns. If the injuries and deaths have remained the same even with Ceasarean births, then why is it that they are said to be safer?


  1. Higher risks for mothers and babies with a c section has been a debate for a while. I believe the reason the numbers have increased over the years is strictly for the convenience of the physicians. Scheduling a birth lets them plan their days and schedules better!

  2. My friend just had a baby and they made her get a seasection, so i can only imagine how many other people have to go through it. I thought it was only because of complications at birth though.