Thursday, February 4, 2010

The problem with Immigration

On January1, 2010 Audie Cornish, who reports from Capitol Hill for NPR news, reported on an issue dealing with the Hispanic caucus and immigration; titled: Hispanic Caucus Aims to Shift Focus to Immigration In the article she writes that because of a packed legislative agenda of 2009, behind issues like; healthcare, the financial crisis and global warming, the immigration issue has been forgotten. The last time the president has even mentioned it to the public was once in a speech back in September. The article brings about some good points to show both sides of the argument, and it also exposes what look to be the true motives of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). Making a statement like “Just because we have been patient doesn’t mean we could wait forever”, in a recent news conference, as he was surrounded by Latino children wearing T-shirts that read “future voter”.
The idea of helping someone does interest me and I am sure that it will appeal to many other individuals, if it is done properly and for the right cause. Helping someone who wants to better their lives and follow the law appeals to me, doing something for political gain doesn’t; as a matter of fact, hearing about things like this only hurts it more. Gutierrez does go on to speak about some ways to reform the proposed legislation and make a pathway for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship, but, the points are lost in the hoopla of the whole event.
If you woke up and found a stranger living in your garage or basement, you had no idea that this was going to happen and did not invite them in. You find out that they broke in during the night and they needed to be there because it was better than the place where they live, you might have a problem with this and ask them to leave. As a matter of fact, this person not only wants to stay, they also want you to feed them and pay for all of their benefits including school and healthcare. When you get the police involved, the matter only gets worse and more complicated… You find out that they have the right to be there and if I don’t allow this and do it properly, you are the one who is wrong.
We all know that illegal immigration is a real problem facing many people on both sides of the isle and something needs to be done about this. With estimations of over 8 million plus people here illegally, and that number is growing by the day, shows us that this is a tremendous problem and needs to be addressed now and in the correct way. I do not have all of the answers, but I do know that doing something to get more voters and hiding it behind some lame issues is not the answer. More attention to this and some other problems is what we need from our leaders, and not some personal agenda for political gain…

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  1. Agree entirely, although I believe that 8 million figure is way below the actual number.