Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teen fan tasered by Phillies security after running onto field,238457

On Monday during the eighth inning of a Phillies/Cardinals game, a seventeen year old kid jumped the fence and ran around the outfield waving a towel. After easily avoiding some pretty overweight security guards, one finally got tired of chasing him and shot him with a taser. the kid dropped to the ground and was down for about thirty seconds. after regaining motor skills, he walked with them off of the field.

While i agree the kid shouldn't have been on the field, we can all agree it was pretty funny. watching some teenager run around while 6 fat security guards stumble after him is like something you see in a movie. but they shouldn't have tasered him. maybe if the guards weren't fat slobs, the tasing wouldn't have been necessary.

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  1. I agree with you. When I heard about this incident I myself thought that it was funny because it's something you don't see everyday. I also agree with the fact that they should not have tasered the teen. He meant no harm and he was doing it all for good fun.