Monday, May 3, 2010

Kyleigh's Law requires license decals for young N.J. drivers

This article on explains Kyleigh's law and how it will affect drivers. Donna Weeks had a daughter that died in a car accident three years ago. In response to this she petitioned for a law requiring young drivers to place red decals on their license plates. Those affected by the law are permit and provisional drivers, so pretty much all 17 year olds, some 18 year olds and even 19-20 year olds if they have been driving for under a year. The article alsoo addresses the fact that these decals will also act as beacons to sex offenders.

Many times in history has something like this been attempted. In Germany, Adolf Hitler required Jews to bear markings identifying them as such. In early Puritanical America, people convicted of adultery and other sins were required to wear scarlet letters. in both cases, the bearers of these markings were harrassed and killed. In this situation, police officers will do the harrassing and sex offenders will do the killing, or worse. It's a noble idea to want to make it safer for young drivers, but this is not the way to do it.


  1. As a parent with several teenagers it is nerve wracking enough having your child behind the wheel, out on their own. Now they want my newley driving child to place a decal letting everyone know that she is alone and inexperienced! This is absurd! I relate this profiling to the profiling controversy going on in Arizona. Although I understand her mothers pain, this is not the solution. I for one will not put the decal on my daughters car...then if ticketed..I willl fight it. Better than have her followed, run off the road and attacked or killed!

  2. I think that the law is dumb. Even though it doesnt pertain to me. It's a sign to pedophiles everywhere, and makes it easier for young people to be targeted.

  3. I have the decals on my car, seeing as how I have been driving for less than a year. While I think the law is ridiculous, I have no problem putting them on my car because I followed the rules anyway.