Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Children’s Tylenol and Other Drugs Recalled

Natasha Singer’s “Children’s Tylenol and Other Drugs Recalled” in May 1, 2010’s New York Times the recall of many of Johnson and Johnsons over-the-counter drugs has been reported on. A single unit of the company decided to recall seven of its drug products as soon as they realized there was there was a lack in quality and deficiency in some of their products. Some products may contain greater amounts of the active drug than required while other products are lacking in quality where there is excess non-active material and in some cases, metal shavings. Johnson and Johnson made the recall on all flavors and sizes for all seven products.

While I don’t think it’s great that Johnson and Johnson have quality issues with important things like drugs for children, I am very happy to see that the company realized there was a quality issue so fast. Clearly they are capable of making mistakes like everyone else but you can tell that they take pride in making sure that quality products make it out to the buyers. If they didn’t care, they would have left the bad products on the market and possibly ignored the lack of quality.


  1. I agree it is a good thing these items are off the shelves, but a large company such as Johnson and Johnson should not make mistakes like this. They are putting children at risk with metal shaving in the medication they ingest. Johnson and Johnson should put in better preventive procedures to not allow these tainted items to get out of their factory. Anyways, I hope Johnson and Johnson recalled these drugs before they reached store shelves so nobody feels the effects of their mistake.

  2. I just found out today from anonomous guy w/McNeil,(Johns&Johns)that Tyl.Liq.I had given my granddgr had metal shavings in it. I have tried since Nov.09 to get accurate info..was told 10/20/09 one I had ok to give ,not on recall lsit..then 5/1 or 5/2,got mess.from Sams club..same bottle I had recalled. 5/5/10 called Mcneil..told "prod.didn't meet J&J standrs.& had highr amt.motrin than should & tiny particle".nobody could tell me what tiny particle were..filed compl.w/FDA..ltr from FDA explained nothing! Today,man w/John&John(anonomously)told me it had metal shavings. gave to grandchild 4/29/10..reaction.rash & felt worse, got recall & called McNeil(J&J) 5/5/10,been calling & inq.,why didn't somebody tell us it had metal shavings in it before now!She is doing ok,but has had some subtle problems since taking it..I am so mad at J&J,McNeil,govt.& media...somebody should have screamed this info over tv etc!!!I'm praying that my granddtr will have no lasting problems..I've yet to find out what I need to know about this...McNeil(J&J) got mess.from me to have their Medical expert call me call yet!!! does anybody know what kind of metal? steel?lead? we need to know now!!please & thank anybody w/accurate info...very upset grandmother

  3. Ps to gilbet.mamie comments...I kept box & bottle & have documentation from 5 people I spoke to at McNeil (Johnson &Johnson) so I can prove my comments & complaint..woman @FDA told me It was smart of me to keep box wasn't smart of me I think it was the good Lord & I think He is reason my granddaughter is doing as well as she is..all prayers be appreciated for her..