Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bloomberg Budget Would Cut Number of Teachers

David W. Chen and Javier C. Hernandez wrote an article in the New York Times, explaining a new budget proposed my Michael Bloomberg. The Mayor of New York City is preparing a new budget proposal to fight off 5 billion dollars in debt. In this proposal, 6700 New York City teachers would lose their jobs. In addition, 5000 other jobs would be lost spread across many different agencies. This new proposal is not good for the workers in NYC, especially those who teach.

This is horrible for New York if this proposal is passed. Teachers are the foundation of our future and they should not lose their jobs. The classes in public schools in New York will become much larger, which hinders children ability to learn. Fortunately, one occupation area that will not have cuts is in public safety. With recent attack plots against New York, the city cannot afford to lose anymore cops. However, the potential of losing 6700 teaching jobs across New York City would be devastating as well.

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